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COMPLETE Dallas Air Conditioning Services

At Hedrick’s Service Now, you’ll get a complete range of quality air conditioning services for your every need.
We don’t want anyone to suffer in the heat during our hot summers here in Texas. In order to be safe and comfortable in your home, we do everything we can to ensure that we have what we need to help you.
That means when your HVAC or plumbing system need attention, our Dallas HVAC Contractor is going to be there for you whether it’s day or night. Our 24/7 emergency call line is available to you all the days of the year.

Whether you need air conditioning repairs, installations, or replacement, we’re ready and able to assist you with expert, quality services you can rely on. We are Dallas resident’s favorite heating, air conditioning, and plumbing specialists and we make it our priority to satisfy you. Our workmanship is backed with a 100% guarantee and all our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and trained. We provide our customers with no-surprise quotes so they know we can be trusted.

Trust is an important thing that’s missing a lot these days. But with a company like ours that began back in 1989, we still hold to the old values. We strive to live up to our promises and give you only the best in Dallas Air Conditioning Services every time. We keep up with our education and licensing, as well as certifications from manufacturers. We’re ready to help you with all your needs whether it’s Dallas Air Conditioning Services or one of our other quality services.

Air Conditioning Installation

Dallas Air Conditioning Installation, Dallas Air Conditioning ServicesIf you’re looking for expert Air conditioning Installations in Dallas, there’s no need to look any further than Hedrick’s Service Now! You’ve come to the right place for your air conditioning installations needs. Not only do we work with several top manufacturers of quality air conditioning systems, we can install and repair any make or model you prefer. Our technicians provide full-service, professional air conditioning installations performed by our highly qualified technicians. We offer a Club Membership to maintain your new or old air conditioning system. We’ll help you find an air conditioning system that is suited perfectly to your needs, so don’t hesitate to count on us when you need a new AC installed!


Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Repair Contractor in Dallas, Dallas Air Conditioning ServicesAs the Dallas area’s premier full-service residential air conditioning repair company, our expert technicians regularly handle air conditioning problems with expertise. Your air conditioner is important to you, and making sure it works for as long as possible and as best it’s capable of is our number one priority. Since your comfort and safety is always on our mind, we feel you deserve to have air conditioning repairs you can trust. That’s why we give you a 100% guarantee on all our workmanship no matter which of our Dallas Air Conditioning Services you request. With Hedrick’s Service Now, you can count on being back to comfort quickly and be happy with our workmanship because we care about your comfort and know you need a cool environment in your home.


Air Conditioning Tune-Up

ac repair If your air conditioning system hasn’t seen a tune up in a while, it’s past time to have one scheduled. All air conditioning systems need to be maintained so they can provide you with reliable air conditioning throughout a season. Always waiting until you need repairs to give the air conditioning unit attention means you’ll have many more problems with it than you would otherwise. Add some years of life to your air conditioning system with one of our tune-ups! You’ll have less worries about breakdowns and you’ll save a lot on energy costs when your unit runs as efficiently as it was meant to do.


Emergency AC Service

Emergency AC Service Contractor in Dallas, Dallas Air Conditioning ServicesThere’s no one more concerned for you when your air conditioning goes out. That’s why we offer emergency AC Services to our community. And it’s why we do all we can to be sure we’re able to handle your repairs when we come out to assist you with your AC repairs. We’ll arrive any time of day or night dressed in clean uniforms and we’ll have a smile on. Count on Hedrick’s Service Now for fast, reliable, and complete Dallas Air Conditioning Services every time!


Indoor Air Quality

Dallas Indoor Air Quality, Dallas Heating ServicesKeeping your home as free from air contaminants as possible will help you to breathe healthier and enjoy a better quality of life. There are many things in the indoor air environment that are irritants and simply not healthy to breathe whether you have allergies or not. Different systems can help you improve your indoor air quality, so you have many options available. We can test and assess your air quality and provide you with some options that will be good solutions for your particular needs. Clean up the air in your home and you’ll enjoy quality indoor air as well as a cleaner living environment.


If you are looking for Dallas Air Conditioning Services, please call 214-503-1411 or complete our online request form.