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    Dallas Gas Line Services

    Dallas Gas Line ServicesWhether you need gas service line repairs for your plumbing system or your HVAC system, our Dallas plumbing services can assist you. Our full service plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company provides the Dallas area residential home owners with expert repairs, replacements, testing, leak detection, and installations as well as expert Dallas Gas Line Services and repairs.

    If at any time you smell or believe you smell natural gas odors, leave your home immediately and call 911. Once you and all occupants are safe elsewhere, call your gas service provider. They will run tests and your gas will be shut off. Remember, it only takes a spark to set off a gas explosion, so there’s no fooling around or waiting around involved if you even think there’s a gas leak in your home.

    Expert Dallas Gas Line Services

    If the leak is located in an area that isn’t served by the gas service company, the homeowner is responsible for repairing the line, which means you need a qualified, licensed Dallas Gas Line Service Provider who is certified to work on your gas lines. Our qualified and experienced plumbers can assist you with all your Dallas Gas Line Services you need including testing and repairs.

    Never try to work on gas lines yourself unless you are equally qualified and experienced, licensed and insured. There’s simply no reason to risk such a dangerous situation as this, and there’s no system in your home that is more dangerous besides your electrical system. When threat of death or longterm disability is present, it’s always best to leave the work up to a professional.

    Expert Gas Leak Detection & Repair

    If you know your home or the home you have just moved into needs to be tested for any gas leak problems or repairs, give us a call and we’ll come out with our state of the art equipment and run a full test on all your gas lines. Having a gas leak detection service performed is the best way for you to ensure you can trust your gas fed systems in your home.

    You may have a fireplace fueled by gas, boiler, heater, or a water heater supplied by a gas line. No matter the system or how complicated your gas lines and connections are, our professionals can provide you with full services to detect gas problems and repair them where needed. Whether you’re needing gas leak detection, installation of new gas lines, or need to just have your home’s gas lines and connections checked for any needed repairs or preventative replacements, you can count on our experts here at Hedrick’s Service Now.

    We are fully certified to inspect and repair your home’s gas lines no matter the type of material it consists of. Most commonly, you’ll find CSST, or corrugated stainless steel, iron pipe, and polyethylene pipe.

    24/7 Emergency Repairs For Gas Services

    Our emergency service repairs are available to you when you need help with your gas lines. These emergency services can be utilized when you believe you need to have your gas system tested. Depending on the area the leak could be in, you may need the gas service provider to make the repairs, when the rest of the time it will be up to you to hire a plumber who can make the repair and pinpoint the problem.

    Whether you call us first or the gas company first, be sure you and all occupants leave the home before you do anything else. If you call the gas service provider, you may end up needing to call us as well if the problem is located past the connection where the gas company will service, usually from the meter into your home. But since you can’t tell where the problem lies, you’re best bet will be to first find out from the gas service provider where (if any) leaks are detected. That way you can have them repair the leak if it’s located in their service area.

    The next thing you should do is call us. Whether the gas service company says your repairs will need to be your responsibility or not, you’ll want to be sure that all connections and lines in your home are in good condition. If one area has a problem, who’s to say there are not more that will soon need attention anyway? For the gas line repair and detection services you can trust, call Hedrick’s Service Now and you’ll have a ready expert standing by to assist you.

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