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Heating Tune Up Contractor in Dallas

heat serviceAll heating systems, including modern systems, are a part of one of the most expensive systems in your home. That means it’s important for you to have it maintained properly so it doesn’t cost you in repairs or early replacement. All mechanical systems need to be properly repaired, lubricated, and maintained, and there’s no difference for your heating equipment. Comprised of many moving parts, heaters can easily break down when even a small part within the system isn’t functioning properly.

All parts rely on each other for the unit to run, and with the way heating systems function there are times when a part goes out but the other major parts continue to run. This is very stressful for the heating unit, but our Dallas heating services will take care of the problem. Whether it’s a couple of screws that rusted and broke, a pump or motor goes out, you’re low on refrigerant, or your coils are damaged or dirty, there are things that have to be taken care of regularly to ensure proper function.

A heating tune up can consist of many items that are checked, lubricated, adjusted, and leveled. And exactly what needs to be done varies from home to home. Your expert heating tune-up technician at Hedrick’s Service Now will evaluated your heating system and complete a tune up for you. Your heating system will last as long as it should with regular attention. Other than our tune-ups, our Dallas HVAC company provides a maintenance club plan which ensures your heater gets all the attention it needs.

Heating and Furnace Tune Ups

Your furnace should be tuned up at least once per year. Our Heating Tune Up Contractor in Dallas uses the latest in technology to test your heating system and run a full diagnostic on it. We’ll run through a checklist and process that ensures all areas are covered by our tune up. We’ll clean your drain lines, coils, and change filters so your heater has clear passage of fluids and air.

Your heating system will be lubricated and adjusted where needed, and your thermostat checked for accuracy and functionality. We’ll make recommendations to you where necessary and help you to ensure your furnace works for as many years as it’s supposed to. Schedule your furnace tune ups prior to the first time you will need them.

Servicing the heater or furnace before you turn it on for the season is important because that’s the point when the unit will be at the most stress -after it’s sat for months without use.

Benefits of Maintenance Club Plans

When you’re a part of our regular maintenance club, you’ll have many benefits that aren’t a part of what Our Heating Tune Up Contractor in Dallas regularly offers customers. Our Heating Tune Up Contractor in Dallas provides this plan in order to ensure all of our customers have the opportunity to experience benefits you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. With energy costs alway on the rise and the need for more efficient system operation, these types of maintenance agreements ensure your heating systems run at peak performance all season and last years longer than others that don’t get the attention they need. Here are a few of the things you’ll benefit from with our maintenance club plan:

  • Smaller energy bills
  • Priority service status
  • Peace of mind about emergency repairs
  • Extended lifetime of heating equipment
  • Maximum system efficiency
  • and more


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