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Tips for Cooling Down Without Using Your AC

A young girl sitting in front of a fan on a hot day.

While most of our AC systems have been on full blast lately, we know it can sometimes cause an unwanted increase in our electric bills. These Texas summers can be hot, so it’s important we’re always staying cool and comfortable in our homes. If you’re someone who doesn’t want their AC constantly running on full blast, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to help cool you down without needing your AC on.

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Close Your Blinds During the Day

Sometimes there’s no better feeling than the natural light from outside beaming through your windows, but in the middle of summer, it only adds extra heat to your home. To cut back on the excess warmth, try closing your curtains and blinds during the day when the temperatures are at their highest. This will keep out the unwanted heat and add some coolness to your space.

Do Your Chores After the Sun Goes Down

Household chores are often done throughout the day, but when your house is feeling hotter than usual because of the high temperatures, cleaning sounds like the last thing you’d want to do. Common household chores like vacuuming and doing laundry require movement from your body, and appliances produce excess heat throughout the day. Try doing these chores first thing in the morning or after the sun goes down when it’s a bit cooler outside.

Opt for Cotton Sheets

Flannel sheets might be comfy and cozy during fall and winter, but summer is not the time you want this material on your body at night. Cotton sheets are your best bet during summer because the material is much lighter than flannel and will keep you more comfortable. The same goes for all of the additional blankets we love to have on our bed during the colder months. Store these away during the summer as there really is no need for them when it’s this hot outside!

Rotate Your Ceiling Fans Counter-Clockwise

Make sure you set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise in the summer so that it pushes the air down. On days where it’s extra hot, crank up the speed a bit. This will blow the hot air out of the room.

Air Conditioning Services in Garland

At Hedrick's Service Now, we understand how hot these Texas summers can be. If you want to save some money on your electric bill this season, try these tips we’ve shared with you to beat the heat. If you still can’t seem to stay cool, call us at (214) 509-6029 to learn more about our air conditioning services!