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If there is a water leak under your foundation, it needs immediate attention from an experienced Garland slab leak repair specialist. Slab leaks can lead to flooding in your home, damaging your walls, flooring, and furniture while compromising your water quality and your home's foundation.

At Hedrick's Service Now, we are always available when you need us, including a 24/7 answering service! It is our goal to provide honest, accurate diagnoses and upfront estimates. Our plumbers are licensed and background checked, so you can rest assured that ours is a team you can trust. As skilled experts, we take pride in our work and aim for resilience with all of our projects, steering clear of quick fixes that lead to future problems.

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What Is A Slab Leak?

When there are leaks in the water lines that run beneath a home’s concrete slab foundation, this is known as a slab leak. Because of its position under the foundation, these types of leaks have the potential to be extremely damaging if left undiagnosed and untreated.

Slab leaks can result from a variety of causes, including:

  • Incorrect pipe installation during construction
  • Foundational shifts
  • Corrosion and abrasion

What Are Signs of A Slab Leak?

Some indications of a slab leak include:

  • Musty odors
  • Porous concrete
  • Warm spots on your floors
  • Signs of buckling on your hardwood floors
  • Abnormally high water bills
  • Cracks in your ceiling, floors, or walls
  • Sounds of water running even when faucets and valves are off

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Slab leaks are hidden under your home's foundation, so they are easy to miss. When ignored, the results can be catastrophic. Our plumbers in Garland know what to look for and how to fix the problem before it gets worse. We use state-of-the-art technologies and have a list of tests we can perform to ensure that your pipes are working seamlessly.

A leak site may be as small as a pinhole and the naked eye may not be sufficient to assess the situation. We arrive armed with listening devices, location devices, and cameras to find your leak.

Contact Hedrick's Service Now by calling (214) 509-6029 or submitting a form online to learn more about slab leak repair in Garland, TX!

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