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Ideal Home Temperature in Fall

A candle and pumpkins being used as fall decorations in a home.

As the weather starts to cool down, setting the thermostat in your home to a new temperature can cause quite the argument in a household, depending on each member’s personal preferences. If you live in a house where there’s a constant fight over how hot or cold it is, we’re sharing the ideal thermostat setting for the fall months and how you can easily transition your home’s temperature to ensure the comfort of all of your family members.

Fall Thermostat Setting

The weather in Texas can be tricky, as we all know. Oftentimes it might feel like we completely skip fall and head straight into winter. As the seasons begin to change, it can feel quite chilly in the morning, but by the time the afternoon rolls around, you’re sweating and ready to rip off your jacket. So, how do you know what to set your home’s thermostat to so that you’re comfortable all day long?

Start with a Temperature Between 68-72 Degrees

While many people believe setting your thermostat to 68 degrees in every season is the best option, Hedrick's Service Now recommends a temperature between 68-72 degrees during fall. You have to be mindful of the outside temperature, of course, but finding a happy medium between 68-72 degrees will ensure all members of your household are comfortable and happy.

If you start with 72 degrees, you and your family can figure out how the house feels and if you need to adjust the temperature by a degree or two to make sure everyone is comfortable, there’s no harm in doing that! Just be sure not to change the thermostat setting too often as that can waste energy.

Pro tip: If you’re comfortable with the thermostat at 72 degrees while you’re home, set it to 68 degrees if you and your family plan on being away for an extended period of time. This will save you some money on your energy bills.

At Hedrick's Service Now, we know how unpredictable Texas weather can be, but we hope this blog gives you a better understanding of how you can slowly transition your home’s temperature as the seasons begin to change!