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3 Tips for Keeping Spring Allergens Out of Your Indoor Air

Dirty air filter.

Spring Cleaning: How to Keep Your Indoor Air Allergen-Free

Springtime is here, and with it comes everything we love about the season—the bright sunshine, blooming flowers, and warmer temperatures. But springtime can also be a source of frustration for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Common allergens like pollen and mold can make life miserable for allergy sufferers, but there are some steps we can take to minimize their impact on our indoor air quality. Let's explore three ways to keep indoor air free of common springtime allergens this season.

1. Regular Maintenance for Your HVAC System

The first step in keeping your indoor air allergen-free is ensuring your HVAC system is in good working order. A well-maintained system will help prevent dust, mold, and other allergens from entering the home through the vents.

Schedule regular maintenance checks for your HVAC system at least once a year to ensure it functions efficiently and effectively. If you have an older system, consider replacing it with a newer model with better filtration capabilities to help further reduce airborne allergens.

2. Install HEPA Filters

Installing high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters in your home can also significantly reduce the airborne allergens in your home's air supply. HEPA filters trap particles as small as 0.3 microns—small enough to trap even the smallest pollen or mold spores before entering your home. Some models come with activated carbon filters, which will also help remove odors from pet dander or smoke.

3. Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Changing your air filter regularly is the final step in keeping your indoor air allergen-free. A clogged filter won't do much to keep allergens out of your home, so check it every few months and replace it if necessary. Changing the filter will help ensure that the most effective filtration occurs within your HVAC system so fewer airborne particles can enter your living space.

Keeping our indoor air allergen-free during springtime doesn't have to be a difficult task. Our team at Hedrick's Service Now has indoor air quality solutions to help keep your home's air breathable. To reduce allergens in your home, call us at (214) 509-6029 and schedule an appointment with our professionals.
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