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The Inside Scoop on Your Pipes

Picture of inside of a  dirty pipe

Although it may be out of sight and often out of mind, your sewer pipes play an important role in your plumbing system. It’s essential for everything that has to do with water— from doing laundry to taking a shower and cooking meals. Without a functioning laundry machine, dishwasher, or hot shower, we’d be a mess.

And, a lot of us are guilty of taking these appliances for granted. Until there’s a major problem, we don’t think twice about our plumbing.

A back-up in your pipes can wreak havoc on your home, which is why our skilled plumbers at Hedrick’s Service Now are here to help you identify piping issues before they become irreparable.

Look out for these telltale signs that you have a back-up.

1. Multiple drains are clogged

Drain clogs are common and completely normal! But when you’re unclogging toilets and sinks left and right, it could point to a larger issue with your sewer line. The situation is worse if your clogs are occurring simultaneously.

2. Water backs up into other drains

Is your water coming back up your drain? Is this happening in multiple sinks or showers? A water back-up often looks like gurgling water that appears in your shower after using your toilet or when you run your washer. This occurs as a result of a blocked pipe. When water can’t evacuate properly, it has to go a different way… so it returns the way in which it came.

3. Slow drainage

While the most common culprit of slow drainage is a clogged pipe, there could be a bigger issue at hand. Tree root infiltration, crushed pipes, or sludge buildup can all lead to issues with draining water.

Request a camera inspection

At Hedrick’s Service Now, our camera pipe inspection can locate your plumbing problem quickly and safely. While old methods required extensive work, our cutting-edge technology can pinpoint the exact area that needs to be repaired in a matter of minutes.

Our Garland plumbers are ready to handle any plumbing concerns you may have. We’ll be with you every step of the way from the initial camera inspection to the final repair. Contact Hedrick’s Service Now at (214) 509-6029, and we’ll keep your plumbing system in excellent condition.