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Dogs and Drains—How Your Pet Affects Your Drains

Picture of dog in bath

How to Stop Dog Hair From Going Down Your Drains & Other Pet Plumbing Tips

Your pup can do no wrong; that is, to everyone and everything apart from your plumbing. With all that cuteness, comes all that hair. And, as you know, hair is a drain's worst nightmare.

So, we here at Hedrick’s Service Now want to give you some tips on how to prevent your plumbing from failing due to your furry friends.

Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners

Here are a few tips which include information about how to keep dog hair out of your drains, followed by other ways you can prevent pet damage to your plumbing.

Use Drain Strainers

When it comes to bathtime, make sure to place a drain catcher or strainer over your drain to stop your dog’s hair from rinsing down your pipes! This is a great preventative measure to take to ensure you don’t clog your shower or your bath drains. Additionally, make sure to brush your dog before or after you bathe them, but not during, as significantly more hair will fall out during grooming.

If you ever notice pooling water or slow drainage during bathtime contact Hedrick’s Service Now for drain cleaning.

Use the Dryer Sheet Hack

Some people use a dryer sheet, baby wipe, or wash cloth over their bath drain to collect any shed hair to dispose of later. Simple but so effective in a pinch for anyone who doesn't have a strainer!

Brush Pet Hair Off Bedding Before Washing

If you wash your pet beds in your washing machine, the hair can collect and block your plumbing. (This can also break down your washer!) To more effectively remove the hair, use either a lint roller or tape.

Keep Your Toilet Bowl Lid Closed

If you have a small puppy, an open toilet lid can be very dangerous. Your tiny pup can fall into the toilet, hurting themselves, or potentially drown. Additionally, if your pet is a fan of drinking water from the toilet bowl, you are at risk for a clog. Your pup naturally sheds hair; and, when your pup drinks from the bowl that hair falls into your bowl jeopardizing the integrity of your drain. You will likely experience a clogged toilet, and if plunging the clog does not remove the blockage, you will need to contact a professional plumber to regain the use of your toilet!

Prevent Backyard Digging

If your furry family member is an avid digger, keep a close eye on where they are digging. If they dig too deep they can actually reach your sewer line! If this occurs, you’ll (quite literally) have a major mess on your hands. Not only will you have damage to your sewer line, but your dog may also get hurt! Make sure you pay attention when your dog is out playing in your yard!

Cover Your Pipes

Make sure all of your pipes are puppy-proofed. Nibling on random things—from shoes to chair legs—is one of a dog’s favorite pastimes. If your furry friend has a habit of chewing on miscellaneous objects, make sure you cover all of your exposed pipes within his or her reach. If your dog does happen to get his or her hands on a pipe and does chew through it, your home will experience plumbing malfunctions.

If your pipe is broken, you’ll likely know. When a pipe is cracked, the pressure within that pipe becomes unbalanced. This can cause backflow, which poses a contamination risk to your potable water. Water may become discolored or smell “off”. If this occurs do not consume that water and schedule a camera pipe inspection to assess any plumbing damage.

Protect your pup and your plumbing. Contact Hedrick’s Service Now, at (214) 509-6029, for professional drain cleaning, sewer line repair, and leak detection.