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How to Beat Dry Winter Air in Your Home

humidifier emitting steam with couch in background

Winter doesn’t just bring cold temperatures, it also brings dry air that results in a lack of moisture in your skin, hair, and even nasal passages. Gear up this winter with some handy tools that will keep you comfortable all season long.


Humidifiers are a winter essential. The best way to fight dry air is to bring moisture as your weapon. Whether it is a small bedside humidifier or a whole-home humidification installation, these devices are dry skin’s worst nightmare.

Central Humidifiers

Central humidifiers are installed directly within your home’s heating and cooling system. Although the most expensive type of humidifier, they come with all the perks. Having consistently moist air quality throughout every room in your home no matter the season and not just a single room is unmatchable.

Portable Humidifiers

Portable humidifiers come in a wide variety of types and styles. Some options include evaporators, steam vapor units, or ultrasonic humidifiers. The differences between these is often a matter of the way the steam is created and the temperature of the steam. Portable humidifiers are more affordable and provide a localized increase in humidity. This may be extremely beneficial for an office or next to your bed while you sleep.

Pro tip: Hotel rooms are often known to host incredibly dry air. If you travel often, bringing along a portable humidifier may be a game-changer!

Drug Store Finds

There is no doubt that humidifiers will make the biggest impact if you are struggling with the effects of dry air. However, there are a few other key players in lasting through the winter.


Not to sound like a nagging parent, but how much water have you had today? Water will bring out moisture from within and deliver it to your hair and skin. When the weather is chilly, ice-cold water doesn’t always sound so appealing, so instead try warm water with lemon or even hot tea for a change. However, no matter which way you cut it - drinking water is key.

Lotion & Chapstick

The goal is to avoid needing these all together, but sometimes winter air comes with a vengeance and when that happens we call on lotion and chapstick. Take a hot shower, allowing the steam to enter your skin. Follow it up with a clean ingredient, unscented moisturizer. Often times those delicious smelling body butters are actually full of things that will dry your skin out.

Once you have lathered up, pucker up, and apply chapstick. Now that you are feeling a little less dry and flaky, head to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and turn on your humidifier!

Hedrick's Service Now is here to fight the battle of dry winter air alongside you. If you are considering a humidifying console in your home, we can help! Give us a call today!