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5 Signs Your AC Needs Repair

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Air conditioning repairs are in high demand during the sweltering months of summer in Dallas. Homeowners can't bear to go one day without cool air in their residences, and air conditioning repair is an investment that lasts a long time by preventing a faulty part from wreaking havoc on an AC unit. When left unaddressed, a minor problem with an air conditioner can become bigger and costlier with time. Your comfort is important to us, so the team at Hedrick’s Service Now is sharing the following signs that your air conditioner might need repair.

The Most Common Problems That Occur with Air Conditioning Units

Many things could cause an AC not to work optimally. The sooner the issue is addressed, however, the easier things become for the customer. They're not forced to deal with the sweltering heat outside and inside their home, because they were able to fix the problem without needing to completely replace their air conditioning unit.

The following five signs indicate that it's time for your AC to be repaired.

The Unit is Over a Decade Old

Residents with an air conditioner that is ten years old or older have likely gotten a lot of use out of the unit. If it continues to cost more to repair it than it would to replace the AC with a newer model, it's time to reconsider its usefulness. Repeatedly fixing the same AC problem does not make things easier for you. At some point, a decision must be made to replace your old air conditioning unit with a newer model that cools your home more efficiently.

The Air Flow is Weak or Non-Existent

If you turn on the AC and there is little airflow passing through its vents, even after changing out the filter, your air conditioner likely needs repair. Call a skilled technician from Hedrick’s Service Now to check out the issue right away. If the air isn't flowing, the AC is wasting energy and likely running up your electric bill. Our team services Garland, Rowlett and other Dallas communities, and we provide quick, convenient, and relevant solutions for customers with homes of all sizes.

Warm Air Blows Instead of Cool Air

This could be due to an issue with the refrigerant or even the filter, but there may be a bigger issue within the system. The Hedrick’s Service Now team is experienced and has worked with a wide variety of models and air conditioning system types. We always discuss options with our customers to see what works best in their situation.

Loud Noises Occur Every Time the Unit is Turned On

A well-working air conditioner is usually quiet when in use. If the unit sputters or makes weird sounds when turned on, it could be indicative of a big problem with the motor. Repair requires diagnosing the exact cause of noise and could mean replacement of parts. A thorough cleaning of the unit removes any debris that may have gotten into it and is rattling around, too.

Incorrect Thermostat Readings

When you look at your thermostat and the number doesn’t line up with the temperature you feel inside the house, you might be dealing with a faulty thermostat. Fixing the panel helps alleviate the issue and allows you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the hottest days of the year. Your thermostat allows you to control the temperature and therefore the comfort in your home. If the thermostat goes out, it's impossible to know how high the AC unit is running at any given time.

Our list highlights some of the more common AC issues, but there are many other things that could go wrong with your unit. At Hedrick’s Service Now, we quickly work to find the problem, offer solutions, repair the issue, and get people back into the cool homes that they enjoy. Our number one priority is to address the problem with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. In most cases, a simple repair does the trick but in some scenarios, fully replacing the faulty air conditioner makes the most sense.

Addressing a Problem with an Air Conditioner Before It Worsens

For Dallas air conditioning repair, call Hedrick's Service Now at (214) 509-6029 to set up an appointment. Staying on top of repairs makes it so you don’t need to replace your air conditioner prematurely. When your AC unit works optimally, it creates a comfortable environment for you and your family, filters out allergens and reduces home energy bills.

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