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Common Heat Pump Repairs You Are Likely to Run Into


Even without working in the heating and cooling industry, you probably have a basic grasp on how a heat pump works. As the name implies, this system pumps heat. In the summer it pumps heat out of your home, and in the winter it pumps heat into your dwelling.
As with any system in your home, things can go wrong. Over time you will need maintenance including heat pump repairs, especially if you fail to take proper care of your system.

What to Watch Out For

Even seemingly mild symptoms should not be ignored. If your heating system starts to act differently than usual, it is probably time to have it looked at. Fail to do so and you could be left in the middle of the night, with a heater that no longer works.
So, do not ignore red flags such as:

You notice insufficient heat output. Check the thermostat first, to make certain the temperature is at the right setting. Otherwise, this could be the result of blocked air ducts, dirty filters or something else. If your system is under-performing, call in a professional before it stops working altogether.

If your heat pump fails to turn on at all, this is obviously a serious issue. This is usually the result of a problem with the thermostat or the unit receiving power. You can check the circuit breaker, the air filter, and the thermostat to make sure it didn’t accidentally get turned off. If that doesn’t seem to resolve the issue at hand, call in an expert.

Any new noises are never a good sign. Your system is meant to run effectively and efficiently, which also means quietly. So if you notice any new sounds or any noises at all, it is a good idea to let a trained expert have a look.

Of course, you can help to avoid the need for repairs or emergency replacement, by taking good care of your system, along the way. This involves scheduling maintenance and regular tune-ups, as well as addressing minor repair needs, immediately. Even making it a point to change the filter every month could have a huge impact on how your heat pump performs.

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