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3 Plumbing Upgrades for Your Home | Hedrick’s Service Now

Image of a toilet with bidet attachment displaying several buttons.

We have all spent a lot of time at home over the last year and let’s be honest, we’ve noticed every possible thing we want to change or upgrade in our humble abode. If 2021 is the year you decide to do some remodeling, we are here to help you decide which plumbing upgrades are worth it.

Tankless Water Heaters

Let’s hit the ground running with a tankless water heater. These systems are a game-changer. Rather than holding a specific amount of hot water, tankless water heaters heat your water on an as-needed basis. Additionally, these water heaters are more compact and energy-efficient than a traditional water heater.


Think faucets and showerheads. These updates can be inexpensive but provide your space with a whole new feel. Update your faucets with trendier styles or add touchless systems for a high tech upgrade. Exchanging your showerhead to a detachable head or even a panel system is a fabulous way to revamp your bathroom without any serious renovation.


The very practical trend of bidets is finally making its way to the US. More and more toilets are being built with ready to use bidets. On the other hand, brands like Tushy make adding a bidet to any toilet easier than ever.


Adding a bidet to your bathroom will bring your personal hygiene to the next level while also decreasing your personal spending on toilet paper. Not to mention, bidets also decrease your waste which is a small way to help the environment.

Let Hedrick's Service Now Help

There are so many small details that can give your home a fresh feel and make showering, washing your hands, or even doing the dishes a little more exciting. Hedrick's Service Now is ready to help provide maintenance or install new systems in your home! Contact us today at (214) 509-6029!